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Salutary neglect is an American history term that refers to the 17th and 18th century British Crown policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws meant to keep British colonies obedient to England. The term comes from Edmund Burke's "Speech on Conciliation with America" given in the House of Commons March 22, 1775.

The colonies, in turn, fulfilled their role in the mercantilist system as the suppliers of raw materials for manufacture in England and as markets for those finished goods. Salutary neglect is the unofficial British policy of lenient or lax enforcement of parliamentary laws regarding the American colonies during the 1600s and 1700s. This policy was followed to keep SALUTARY NEGLECT. From 1607 to 1763, the unwritten British policy for governing the American colonies was referred to as salutary neglect.

Salutary neglect

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Skickas inom 5-7 vardagar. Köp boken Salutary Neglect av James A. Henretta (ISBN 9780691619880) hos Adlibris. Fri frakt. Alltid bra  Balance of Trade Duty Salutary Neglect The woman needed a hat because the wind was blowing and she didn't want her hair to get messed  Hey did you hear about the new law that just passed? No what was the law? The law was that we are able to have religious freedom! REALLY????

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Salutary neglect

Salutary neglect, which was the British policy towards the American colonists in the early to mid-1700's. It was a system of loose imperial control over the 

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Salutary neglect

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How to say Salutary neglect in English?

The practice of salutary neglect for generations, along with the attempt to end this policy and reassert British authority in the Salutary neglect. a term regarding the English colonies; idea that the colonies benefited by being left alone, as long as they remained loyal to England. Long Term Effects of salutary neglect. Self government , colonist grew accustomed to making their own rules.
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Salutary neglect was an unofficial British policy in the colonies that greatly affected Massachusetts in 18th century. The policy was an intentional lack of enforcement by the British government of British trade laws in the American colonies. The phrase salutary neglect itself comes from a speech given by Edmund Burke at the House of Commons on

saluting. salvage. ignore ignorera, inte bry sig om ill known okänd salutary [ˈsæljʊtri] nyttig, välgörande. (the) Salvation neglect försummelse, åsidosättande, nonchalans.

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Salutary Neglect is a specific term that retrospectively came to be applied to the American policy. That is worthy of a separate article. If a general Benign Neglect article wants wo wikilink to this one as a specific example, it can go right ahead.