The secinfo security file is used to prevent unauthorized launching of external programs. File reginfo controls the registration of external programs in the gateway. You can define the file path using profile parameters gw/sec_info and gw/reg_info. The default value is:


Reginfo/Secinfo Parameters Secinfo/Reginfo are maintined correctly You need to check Reg-info and Sec-info settings. Most of the cases this is the troublemaker(!) Please pay special attention to this phase! Make sure that they are set as per the Notes: Note 1425765 - Generating sec_info reg_info

gw/reg_info = $(DIR_DATA)/reginfo. When the … 2021-01-27 2019-01-08 File reginfo controls the registration of external programs in the gateway. You can define the file path using profile parameters gw/sec_info and gw/reg_info. Only clients from domain * are allowed to communicate with this registered program (and the local application server too).

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SAP Gateway related changes. The challenging part of this change is to create the gateway ACL files reginfo and secinfo with the restricted entries, without impacting the customer SAP landscape communication with the external interfaces. Below is the summary of changes that need to be done in most of your systems: 1. Die Sicherheit eines SAP Systems benötigt den Schutz vor unerlaubten Zugriffen, z.B.

reginfo. Durch eine entsprechende Zeile wird bestimmten Programmen erlaubt, sich von einem anderen Rechner aus am Gateway zu registrieren. Weiterhin kann der Zugriff auf die registrierten Programme und das Beenden der registrierten Programme kontrolliert werden.

durch die Dateien secinfo und reginfo. Ein sauber umgesetztes Berechtigungskonzept schützt vor Angriffen innerhalb des SAP-Systems. Es ist jedoch auch möglich ihr SAP System über das Netzwerk anzugreifen.

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reginfo, secinfo: Changing #VERSION=2 does not work: 1105897: GW: reginfo and secinfo with permit and deny ACL: 1069911: GW: Changes to the ACL list of the gateway (reginfo) 888889: Automatic checks for security notes using RSECNOTE


Reginfo sap

Warning! Registration of the RFC-server fails! The content of both files secinfo and reginfo overrides the parameter gw/acl_mode. 2019-05-09 · The regInfo is used to allow only authorized systems to register RFC servers ; Using seInfo and regInfo to secure the SAP GW. The secInfo structure is as follows: secInfo entries structure. So we can filter by user, program, source and destination hosts. In case of the regInfo file the structure is like this: regInfo entries structure The RFC Gateway can be described as the SAP-internal firewall and needs to be configured precisely (RegInfo, SecInfo), to avoid unauthorized remote access from systems and applications. SAP best practice guidelines, or guidelines from SAP user groups such as the DSAG, contain practice-tested and security-oriented settings and test catalogs.
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Background documentation SAP Gateway Security Files secinfo and reginfo Locate this document in the navigation structure. The secinfo security file is used to  REGinfo Service Plus.

3) The rules in the secinfo and reginfo file do not always use the same syntax, it depends of the VERSION defined in the file. Check the above mentioned SAP documentation about the particular of each version; 4) It is possible to enable the RFC Gateway logging in order to reproduce the issue. The parameter is gw/logging, see note 910919. SAP recommends setting gw/acl_mode to 1 So we set parameter gw/acl_mode to 1 which had the effect that default for files reginfo and secinfo got more restricted.
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This Java program helps analyze Gateway logs (gw_log*) and automatically generates secinfo and reginfo files making SAP system administrator's life easy. Refer SAP notes 821875, 1421005 and 1408081.

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File reginfo controls the registration of external programs in the gateway. You can define the file path using profile parameters gw/reg_info. The default value is: gw/reg_info = $(DIR_DATA)/reginfo When the gateway is started, it rereads both security files. You can make dynamic changes by changing, adding, or deleting entries in the reginfo file.

It controls RFC communications between SAP and the rest of the world, either other SAP systems or third-party interfaces. By default, the SAP RFC Gateway service listens on port 33xx, where xx is the system number of the SAP system. The SAP RFC Gateway security is controlled by two files : reginfo … About this page This is a preview of a SAP Knowledge Base Article. Click more to access the full version on SAP ONE Support launchpad (Login required). Search for additional results.